Why Tisha?

Tisha Black wants to help Clark County make business better for business and create jobs and she has the skills to do it! Clark County Commissioners run the 38 departments that supply services to county residents. As a successful small business owner and small business lawyer for more than 22 years, Tisha knows the importance of good business and customer service. A first time candidate, Tisha’s private and small business experience will bring a new and fresh perspective to the Commission. Her straight forward approach and common sense perspective get things done! As a Commissioner, she will focus on revamping government policies that hinder progress and reduce red tape to help business owners thrive and create more jobs. She will make sure that county services will be economically managed and timely provided and, most importantly, that our community is safe, open and beautiful place to live.

Tisha knows that it takes a person with proven business experience to prudently govern Clark County’s budget of more than $6.2 billion dollars and to ensure that efficiencies and attitudes that support business are implemented and maintained throughout its 38 departments and associated boards. She believes that Clark County, its employees and Commissioners are here to provide services to YOU and YOU deserve a Commissioner who has the business experience to make sure that those services are delivered to you timely, efficiently, economically and with eye toward customer service and satisfaction! Having owned her own business for more than 18 years, Tisha has proven that she has the ability and experience necessary to be the voice and energy that small business and Clark County need.

Tisha believes that Clark County is more than business, it is about community and responsible decision making. A native Las Vegan, Tisha grew up in the desert outdoors enjoying Lake Mead, Red Rock and just plain playing in the desert. She appreciates the open spaces, vibrant colors and indigenous wildlife our desert environment provides. Although Clark County remains one of the fastest growing counties in the United States (with most of that growth in District F), Tisha will not sacrifice our outdoor lifestyle or park and community amenities to haphazard and unsafe growth. She will protect our treasured open spaces and the expectations of property owners to ensure that growth in Southwest Clark County is consistent with established Land Use Plans and growth that considers our community and children. She will work with neighbors, business owners and developers in the Southwest Vegas Valley to ensure that District F growth is smart, sustainable and welcomed by is neighbors. We owe this to ourselves and our children.

Good people care about people and community and that is why the Commission race is different. It is not about national policy, statewide issues or party politics, the Commission is about business. It is about managing the budget and the services Clark County provides to its residents such as water, trash pick up, licensing, road maintenance, animal services, UMC, as well as emergency services. There is little in the way of political relevance when it comes to pot holes, parks, and public safety. That is why Veterans Associations, the Latin Chamber of Commerce, contractors associations, labor and trade unions, the Police Protection Association, Libertarians, Republicans, Independents and Democrats have set politics aside to support Tisha Black in her campaign to be the next Clark County Commissioner in District F – including the sitting Commissioner for District F, Democrat Susan Brager.

If you would like to know still more about Tisha or meet with her, please call 702.706.4020 or message us on FB or Twitter and we will make it happen! In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to know more about Tish4Commish and, we hope, your vote in November 2018.

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